What have I done so far

This is a list of some humble collaborations in other projects:

  1. Kazade/img4dc - Slightly patched version of img4dc tools
    • Add macOS 10.11.x support #1
  2. z88dk/z88dk - The development kit for over eighty z80 machines - c compiler, assembler, linker, libraries. https://www.z88dk.org
    • Fix message when undetected Currah uSpeech #638
    • Create a Dockerfile for z88dk #676
  3. 360Controller/360Controller - TattieBogle Xbox 360 Driver (with improvements)
    • Fix issue #635: force to use the old HFS+ filesystem in DMG creation #653

Not much to be proud of, but it’s a start… Now let’s hope in the following weeks (or months?) I can keep up with more developments and general improvements. We are still alive!

Portal - 'Still Alive'

Written on August 25, 2019