About us

Garrafon Software is a software team devoted to the development of programs and applications for (mainly) the ZX Spectrum.

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Garrafon’ is a spanish word that stands for ‘an illegally produced beverage that has been adulterated with methyl alcohol or distilled water, reducing its quality, and causing the drinker a lot of sickness and hangover the next day. Pubs sometimes sell these adulteraded drinks in order to reduce costs and increase their profits at the expense of the drinkers’ health. In the most extreme cases can cause irreversible blindness and even death.

According to this definition you can figure yourself out what kind of software we are developing. So, be responsible and cautious. We take no responsibility for any injuries or damage caused to you or your computer. You have been warned!

This development team has been established in the year 2012.

You can contact us on Twitter: @garrafonsoft or by e-mail: alt text